1. Connie

    I wish I could do this because it looks divine……but, alas….the medicine cabinet mirror is necessary at my house!

  2. What an awesome idea!! I wish I had a medicine cabinet. And thank goodness your butt cream is hidden – I keep mine on the coffee table. What a fool I've been…

    • Rhonda, that is always my primary concern with art in the bathroom! That's one of the reasons that I like to use frames in this room, far more so than in others. I have had that gypsy in that frame for about 8 years now, and she has suffered no damage (I checked when I took the photos for the post).

  3. joan

    This is just what I have been looking for. I have the same problem in my bathroom. Only problem I have is my magnet. It's really weak. Not sure if it will stay closed with a heavier door

    • Hmm! My magnet looks like it could be pried out with relative easy using a flathead screwdriver. Is yours by any chance the same? If so, you could replace the weaker magnet with a nice strong one. (You could even glue in a tiny block of wood with those small, silver SUPER strong magnets that you find at places like Hobby Lobby.)

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