1. Marjolein

    OMG Sarah, you're the BEST! These are just amazing, bloody hands and bats…….. YEAH, FINALLY!!!!!!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Will share on FB!!

  2. OMG! Halloween & Stencils!! These are awesome! I will definitely be buying if I don't win. One question, will the Ouija stencil be available outside of Patreon at a later time? If not I may have to come up with some extra money and up my support for this month.

  3. Kathleen

    Can't decide whether the lines with dashes or the hands are my favourite but I do know I'd feel really lucky to Win!

    • Jacklyn Young

      If it was supposed to be just one additional comment for sharing, I apologize, and please delete this comment. <3

  4. I totally typed a comment about how amazing your stencils were, but when I posted it deleted the text… I guess il just have to dote on Amy ou all over again.. shucks! 😉
    These are amazing!! Shared on Facebook!

  5. The warning stencil is RIDICULOUS. Like, I'm fine with not being half as cool as you are, but how can I live with being less than half as cool as a stencil?!

    They're all amazing. Those hands. Damn, damn, damn!

  6. Sam

    They are all amazing! LOVE the bats and the biohazard sign in particular 😀
    Quick question – I would love to join your Patreon for the stencil and the mini monster, but I'm in the UK. Can I still do that? I obviously don't want you losing out on the extra shipping it would cost to mail things over here each month 🙂

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