Frida Kahlo Amigurumi

001 Top of Pattern Shot

This is an easy pattern, created for publication in Art Trader Magazine.  In addition to the yarn colors you see here (or the ones you’d rather substitute), you’ll need 6mm safety eyes and perhaps some beads for a necklace.  Frida did love her jewelry!

Grab the pattern here:  Frida Kahlo Amigurumi_wonderstrange_WonderAnn


Nevermore!  An Easy Amigurumi Raven


Raven OTS


Cute, right?  He also looks super adorable sitting in the lap of my Edgar Allan Poe stuffie.  This is a very simple pattern that requires black yarn, black safety eyes, a small scrap of black felt, and some black thread or embroidery floss.

Download the PDF right here: Raven Amigurumi_wonderstrange_WonderAnn



 Passel of Easy Peasy Pumpkins


These little pumpkins are quick and thoroughly satisfying to make.  They look fantastic in a basket, and they make an adorable garland, too!   The color choices are all up to you, so you can customize the look of your centerpiece, garland, or side table decoration.


There is nothing so difficult going on in this pattern that a beginner can’t tackle it.  YouTube is filled with helpful videos if you don’t know how to change colors, DC, or TC.


Download the PDF right here:  Passel of Pumpkins_wonderstrange



Frankenstein’s Monster



This pattern produces an adorably frightening little Frankenstein monster that you can make with medium or bulky yarn.  The monster has lots of customizable features, from his too-short sleeves to the scars on his face.

This is an intermediate pattern, requiring approximately 2 dozen color changes in the head – but don’t let that scare you!  According to my tester, it was “totally worth it!”

You can download the PDF right here:  Frankenstein Pattern_wonderstrange


Eye Heart Potholders


Eye Heart Potholders


This pattern uses t-shirt yarn, tutorial right here if you need it!  You could also use worsted-weight yarn and make ornaments or thread/floss to make earrings should you so desire!

This pattern assumes you know how to work in joined rounds and how to do color changes!

Click here to download the PDF:  Eye Heart Potholders


Voodoo Doll



This adorably sinister little doll stitches up pretty quickly.  He requires no color changes, but you should have a couple of mismatched buttons on hand for his eyes.

Download the PDF right here:  Voodoo Doll – An Easy Amigurumi Pattern by AnnDAngelo!





This is a simple pattern with only two parts: a body and a tail.  You do need to know how to double and triple crochet, but you can look both of those up on YouTube and find helpful video demos that will have you whizzing along in no time!


Download the PDF right here:  Tapeworm Easy Ami Pattern_wonderstrange


Doll Head Bracelet

Doll Head Bracelet Feature Shot


This easy pattern requires exactly two stitches: sc and DC.  And possibly a doll head, although you can put something else on there if you prefer.


Magic: The Gathering Crochet Blocks

You can make potholders.  You can make a scarf.  You can make coasters.  You can make Magic!  Check out the free charts for a swamp, a plains, an island, a forest, and a mountain.


Patterns to purchase:


Group Shot in Line

Supernatural Minis!



The Corpse Bride


Feature Shot

Lizzie Borden


Full Body Shot



USE - Low Angle

Creature from the Black Lagoon


The Addams Family - Close Up

The Addams Family



Edgar Allan Poe Stuffie




Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn



Marie on Tree - Feature


Marie Antoinette



Misfit Toy Ornaments



Twice the Krampus


Krampus: The Christmas Amigurumi Pattern


Group Shot - Square

Sandman The Endless Ornaments






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I love these!

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It s wonderfull
So cute even the "monsters" 😊

Brittany · February 17, 2017 at 9:28 am

Hi, I keep trying to download the pattern for the voodoo doll but the link is doing nothing. I've been back and forth between here and ravelry. Help please!