1. I love the fact that your art decorates you home. Mine just sits in binders like some weird family secret. I look at the walls and think 'I should put something there.' But then I start and I'm, like, 'Der, der, der…' It leaves me feeling very Special Ed worthy. I can't figure it out.

    • You have to explain to me what the "der, der, der" is. I am trying very hard with this series to get people to make the move from *thinking about* putting more art on the walls to *putting* more at on the walls. What is holding you back? Help me help people who are in your same boat!

      • IDK Blank walls for me are a whole lot like blank canvas. Only waaaaay larger, and I can't just slap some paint on them to make the whole 'scary whiteness' go away (we rent = super strict landlord). So, when I am trying to figure out how to decorate, I just stand there like a moron, confused and staring at this giant blank surface. Until it's too overwhelming and I just give up. It makes me feel like a dumbass.
        I *want* to display stuff. However, when I manage to hang something or put something up, it always looks like a 5 yr old could've picked a better place/way/grouping/whatever. It's super frustrating.

  2. Great idea! Looks so great! It might freak me out not to have sleeves on them. Haha. I might do a door! Also, 9 ATCs fit so nicely in an 8.5" x 11" frame. I did one! So much beautiful art on your walls and doors (and some less beautiful but quite gruesome. Like you like!)

    • Thank you! <3 You could easily put sleeves on them. And I would love it so much if you did a door! I have a ton of beautiful (and gruesome) art in my house, and I want others to feel the joy of seeing that sort of thing every day!

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