1. shuckclod

    The blog looks different. The ornaments are so cute, the first one looks like jello texture. I would join if it is not too complicated. I paint wood and ceramics only. Going to see your new blog and bookmark it 🙂 . Thank you for this weeks creepy stamps too.

    • Yes! I should have mentioned that in my post, shuckclod! Our traffic levels have reached very high levels, which is great for us but less great for our host. We chose the new theme to reduce our use of resources. 🙂

      You're very welcome for the stamps,and thanks for bookmarking WonderAnnWonders!

  2. I loves me some Christmas. I loves me some ornaments. And I loves me some people who give tutorials on ornaments and host 12 Days of tiny bliss. I'd play along, time permitting. These would make fun gifts to tie onto presents, so might wanna make and gift them.

  3. Who is this person. This crazy crazy person? You left out the part where I said, This might be a terrible idea. Because I often can not tell a terrible idea from a good idea. Though usually a terrible idea is just a good idea that needs polishing up. I LOVE THE EMILY DICKINSON ONE. I do love it. 😀

  4. Berracuda

    Online my brother goes by the name Raven Scar, so for X-mas I painted him up a Raven like that, sans the santa hat, on an old record

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