1. awesome..I JUST bought two Healthy Choice/ Lean Cuisine(whatevers) dinners (Pumpkin Squash Ravioli(say what?) in whuch the containers will be perfect. I usually save and use them to mix paint in.

  2. cindyjob

    Well Karen, squash ravioli probably cannot hold a candle to my beloved meatballs but I bet they work just fine 😉 .
    I can't wait to see one hanging in your fabulous studio!

  3. nanner

    You've seen I have no more space for nuthin' over here, neither. This is inventive and awesome! Thanks for the faboo thingie storage solution!

  4. charlie brown

    Oooo! I really like this one. Now, looking around for cool things to paper mache to hold my to hold my bits and bobs.

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