1. These look super cool, Sarah! I love the idea of using twigs – and I don't even know why, since I'm not really a rustic twigs-in-the-house kind of girl. It would crack me up to make my mom a whole mess of Lincoln ornaments with twigs, though – with some left over for me, of course. I like Abe, too!

  2. Melissa

    This is awesome! I have SO much Christmas-themed tissue paper that would make some awesome ornaments.

  3. nanner

    This is great! I'm adding "papel picado" to my arsenal of cool art terminology right NOW. Love these ornaments, S!

    Melissa, would love to see how they look on Christmas-themed tissue (HINT!)

    • Melissa

      Just gotta dig out the tissue paper….will have it out later this week for wrapping, so will grab a few sheets to play with!

  4. cindyjob

    I have always loved the papel picado but it never occurred to me to staple the edges together. You are SO clever! These are gorgeous!

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