We at Wonderstrange love Halloween, and not just for the free candy and  the chance to wear cat ears to the grocery store. We like making Halloween art, and we want to be sure you have fun making some, too!  This week I have made some simple step-by-step Halloween drawings you can follow along with.  All you need is a pencil, marker, and an eraser, so gather those up, and let’s draw!

We like our monsters with one eye around here.  To be honest, we like our kittens that way, too.

One big eye.

You can draw this guy scary or goofy or stick a bow on him and make him a her.  I road tested this one on real live 10 year olds, and they can do it . . . so you can too!

Here are some other super-fun things to draw!



A skull is fun to draw any time of year, but Halloween is the perfect time of year to add it to your bag of tricks.




When you draw a skull you can color the eye sockets in black or draw eyes in them. Be sure not to put them too high up or your skull looks simian, instead of human.

Going Batty

The trick to drawing a good Halloween bat is to remember they are sort of a mouse with wings. 🙂 The last 2 versions show the bat shape colored with a grey marker and detailed with white gel pen and colored totally in black.

Haunted House

Houses are cool. Haunted Houses are cooler. In this example I  left in some pencil lines to show how I use them to help balance the windows, etc…

You can color the whole house black for a spooky silhouette or leave it as a line drawing and color as you wish. If you like adding details with a white pen, the one I like best is  Uni-ball Signo.

Dancing Skeletons

I learned to draw skeletons in this style from my art teacher when I was in seventh grade. She is probably 104 years old now and I am  close to that age but I still love these little guys.

If all this Halloween excitement has you yearning for some spooky stuff of your own, like Frankenstein and his Bride, A Bacon Monster, Zombie Bunny Slippers or a flask for your dead juice we can hook you up in the SHOP .


Cindy Jo

Cindy Jo teaches art and enjoys passing her love of the pretty ,the weird, and the pretty weird on to another generation of artists.Check out CIndy Jo's shop


AnnDAngelo · September 9, 2011 at 5:20 pm

Cindy, I love the step-by-step little picture tutorials! I did the one-eyed monster this afternoon. He was quick and easy and turned out great! I am probably going to force my son to sit down with me this weekend and draw a couple more. He\’ll moan and groan at the beginning, but I think he will love the instant gratification of it – small effort, big reward. I\’ll send you pics of whatever he does. 🙂

Shay · September 10, 2011 at 2:00 pm

This is awesome… I love the frame by frame tutorial!! I’ll have to give that little one eyed monster a try. 🙂

    Cindy Jo · September 10, 2011 at 8:21 pm

    Thanks Shay, He’s a piece of one eyed cake 🙂

    Ann, I can’t wait to see the lads efforts !

ROCKY · October 9, 2013 at 2:28 pm

im cool

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