1. nanner

    Love this! And “hindmost ignoramus” is hilarious, however seriously UNTRUE. I love that the brain lives under a dome. Ready for examination. Or a cheese spreader. Great idea, Ann!

    • Yeah, Nanner, hubs was lamenting that I didn\’t cut off a couple of slices before I baked the clay so I could slip a cheese knife under the dome with brain and the fly. And here I was thinking I shouldn\’t get too gory! Pfft!

  2. Sara

    OMG,you really made my day,i was looking for a creepy but nice idea to give it as a gift for my friend's B-day,,,,i loved the brain,but i had some problems when it cames to warms!!haha mine was soooo bad,so i am trying ti fix them up,when i finish it,i'll show you the result,,,,can't get bored from you tutorials :))
    sierasita from
    sierasita from :<3 Blog Comment Lovers <3 SWAP

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