Creepy Halloween Faces and Candy-Loving Venus Fly Traps: Free Digital Stamps

This week, we have more free Halloween-themed goodies from our list of 100 Things to Draw When You’re Bored, and by “free,” I mean fat free, calorie free, guilt free, and free free.   Three cheers for treats that don’t come with 20 more minutes on the treadmill!


To start, here’s Number 63: Creepy faces, or in this case, creepy interchangeable faces on paper masks.


Second up is this hungry bunch of Venus fly traps (Number 61).  Om nom nom!



This coming Friday is National Stupid Question day, so post a stupid question in the comments below!  If I pick your question as one of the ones to answer, you’ll win a free digi of your choice from our shop!  Questions can be about any subject, but if you ask about something related to wonderstrange / art / digis / cards, it might help your case.  *Winky face*  To find out if you’re a winner, check back on Friday, when you’ll get instructions on how to redeem your prize!




  1. shuckclod

    Thank you for the new ones. When did you Ladies start seeing the world different? I am the same way, only if I could draw what is in my head… 🙂

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