• Hahaha! Thank you. Yes, until they make meetings for this problem, I think I'm safe, but I do appear to be an ink pad sniffer. It sounds terribly inglorious!

  1. Love the grass skirt look on the Hippo! I'm sure she could "sqush" the competition if she wanted to! LoL!

    Oh Staz-On…too wonderful not to get a good whiff of! *Ahem* Errr…yeah…it's bad for you…

    • Hahaha. Woohoo for the women who do the bad thing and SNIFF!

      Thanks for the lovely comment! I definitely don't want to compete against hippos in ANYTHING. My husband was just remarking that they kill 2900 people a year! :O

  2. FABBO Hipp o – thank you so much. Now the Staz on … I am rushing to my box to try it…. wait there ……..WoWza – even with my almost non-existent sense of smell I can catch it…. smells a bit like Marzipan !!!
    Now you've got me as a sniffer too hahahahaha LoL

    IKE in Greece xxx

    • Marzipan!!! You're so right! I've never been able to put my finger on it before!

      My apologies to the brain cells inside your sweet head that I just caused you to assault! Hahaha! 😉

  3. Your Staz-On sniffing cracks me up – whenever I use it I feel like a tough girl cause I'm using danger stuff – har har – the same when I use E6000 which shouldn't be sniffed either!

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