Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Work Rooms (10/12)

Halloween mischief abounds this week!

Ann is almost finished altering these comedy & tragedy masks, which she loves more than ice cream and scary movies, and which she hopes to have listed in her shop by Friday.

Meanwhile, Ann was in the middle of turning this bird house into a haunted house when it struck her that she could make it into a super cool Halloween candy house with three-dimensional roof tiles.  Here, you can see Ann’s favorite art consultant lending his opinion on (and sometimes nibbling at) the proposed design.

With her Halloween cards selling almost as fast as she can make them, Cindy is hard at work on another set, soon to be available for purchase.   Here you can also see the beginnings of a fabulous mixed media house painting on Masonite board.  (And if you don’t know Cindy Jo’s house paintings, you should check out her shop.   Immediately.)

Back from her travels, Nanner is now up to her elbows in body parts – art doll body parts, that is!  Some of these beauties are for trading, but some will be appearing in her shop, and if we don’t nab them first, you might even be able to buy one!  (Just kidding.  We’ll give you at least a five-minute head start.)

Sarah is tricksy and mysterious this week.  Although she is working away on her upcoming Day of the Dead class, she has sent in this tantalizing photo, which suggests one of the following: a) she has liberated these matryoshka dolls from the Russian prison where they were forced to write tales of erotic horror about a jewelry maker obsessed with small, deceptively adorable clay faces; b) she will soon be painting and altering these matryoshka dolls and pinching them with jewelry tools if they do not write MORE tales of erotic horror for her amusement; or c) Sarah can now read tales of erotic horror, paint, talk to matryoshka dolls, AND design a class at the same time, which would not surprise the rest of us in the least.   Don’t forget that her class is available through Art Trader magazine beginning October 24!

Check back next Wednesday and every Wednesday for more sneak peeks and product previews!




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    Love the mask, you are super creative love. You just gave me a great idea with the bird house, Thanks!!! Great site BTW!!

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