Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (3/7/12)

This week, we might need a high five – and a really enthusiastic one, if you can spare it.  Two of the three of us have been sick, one of us lost part of a roof in the recent storms, and one of us just discovered she is a scant two inches taller than her 12-year-old son.  (Hint: Ann is the only one with a 12-year-old son.)  Despite all of this trauma, we have heroically assembled pictures to share with you.  Why?  Because we love you.  M-O-U-S-E!*


*If you don’t get that reference, don’t ever let us hear you complaining about being old.



Last week, I gave you a sneaky peek at one of my salt & pepper commissions.  Since it’s now finished, here’s the full monty, but without any nudie bits:



See?  Now you’re really glad about the no nudie bits, because EWWW cartoonophila or EWWWWWW green grinch parts!


Let’s wash both of those unsavory thoughts away with memories of this fabulous fish, created by our pal Sal Scheibe:



Hee!  Ain’t he fabulous?!  Several weeks ago, I told you that I had obtained Sal’s permission to crochet him and that I was incredibly excited to give him polymer clay teeth.  Sadly, the first set of clay teeth I made proved too small (doh!), but I can’t wait even one more second to show you the prototype, which has yarn teeth:


And here is the prototype again, snuggling up to Version 2, who will be fitted with clay teeth tomorrow.


Look for Mr. Chompers to be on sale by next week, available with teeth made of yarn, clay, or felt!  For you hookers out there, I will also be offering the pattern.




Cindy actually deserves more than a high five this week.  She deserves tots.  Or flowers.  Or flowers made of tots.  Check out these pics of the amazing district-wide art fair she put on at her school last week:



(Just the thought of making all those labels gives me a tiny bit of a rash, but Cindy did all that AND hung the artwork AND carried her normal teaching load AND trained at the gym.   Word to the wise: Do not mess with Cindy, because she will hang you up like a panda painting and go running off to Piloxing class without even breaking a sweat.)


With a successful art fair behind her, Cindy was sublimely happy to get back to making grown-up art for wonderstrange.  Over the weekend, she was in fact so engrossed in making grown-up art that she forgot to eat lunch.  (See how helpful the flower-tots would have been?)  Alas.  Her loss; our gain:


Look for those soon in a Cindy shop near you!




Last week, Sarah started AND finished another Mr. Monster, which means that technically, he’s not a Work in Progress.  You know what, though?  I don’t care.  I have to show him to you.  If I don’t show him to you, it will be like committing some kind of horrific crime against all humanity, and then I’ll have Batman or the Superfriends all up in my evil business.  I think it’s clear that I have to show you this picture.  Ready?


Oh yes.  That extraordinary level of cuteness just happened.  You can see more pictures – and snap him up before someone else does – right here.


Meanwhile, Sarah has been working on the pumpkinhead doll to sit on top of her trinket box.  Get ready for this, too, because he has totally killer teeth:



Adorable, right?!


Be sure to come back on Friday, when Cindy will be posting our second drawing tutorial of the month!




  1. Joe's Lines

    Cindy, you deserve a medal for that art show – we go to ours at the school every year, and I think that 90% of the parents have no clue how much extra work it is for the teachers. I have tons of respect for what you (and the music, band and drama teachers) do.

  2. cindyjob

    Thanks Joe and Sarah. I know that most parents have no idea but it is a great night for the kids and once the lead up to it is over I am always so glad we did it.
    You know we teachers have to do something to deserve the big bucks they pay us 😉

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