Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (3/21/12)

This week, Cindy and I are pulling down our suitcases, organizing our art supplies, and getting ready for a wild and crazy road trip to Sarah’s place in New York, where (my psychic tells me) one of us will steal a cop car, one of us will accidentally marry Heather Graham, and one of us will steal a tiger from Mike Tyson, but only to embellish with rhinestones and puffy paint.  Okay, just kidding.  As everyone knows, tigers only tolerate products by Tim Holtz.  At any rate, even though we’re counting the days until our trip, we’re still working faithfully.  We just wish the ants in our pants would pitch in.




Sometimes, even in the middle of painting salt and pepper shakers, I have to crochet; otherwise, the yarny thoughts in my head start crowding out other thoughts, like where I left my keys and why that kid who looks like me is chasing my car through the parking lot.  This idea has been percolating for at least a month, so I am really excited to see it take form.  It is a Shakespeare hand puppet whose “function” (for those who don’t happen to need hand puppets) is to jazz up cheap metal bookends.  Like this!



I have a whole series planned out in my head, and it includes Poe, Whitman, Dickinson, and maybe even Henrik Ibsen, because he has the most hilarious lamb chops in history.  They’ll all have little hand puppet arms and delightful fashion stylings based on historical portraits, so check back next week for a finished version and some ordering info!




Remember that gorgeous house painting Cindy was finishing up last week?  She listed it, and it sold.  Wham.  Just like that.  If you like the looks of this one, I might just recommend writing her a little message, because it may sell just as fast once it’s finished:


Oh, and by the way, we want to congratulate Cindy on receiving a jewelry commission based on those amazing fairy tale ornaments she made over the holidays.   We hope that if we keep congratulating her, she will make extras for us.


(Hey Cindy!  Way to go on that commission!  Wooooo!)




This week, Sarah is making art that glows in the dark.  And the light.  And that murky evening time that’s neither dark nor light.  Want to see it?  It’s the pumpkin head art doll, and it’s holding a human head with an LED light inside, because how cool is Sarah?!


I am particularly excited to see this in person!

Come back and see us on Friday, when Sarah will be posting her tutorial about varying line width in drawing!