Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (3/14/12)

Spring is here, and the women of wonderstrange are hoping the good weather lasts for another couple of weeks, when we will be having our First Annual Board of Directors meeting in Upstate New York, complete with numerous PowerPoint presentations, agendas, break-out sessions, and brainstorming sessions.  (That’s completely true, by the way, except that you might want to replace “PowerPoint presentations” with “art-making fiestas” and “agendas” with “tattooing sessions.”) Until the 24th, however, we’re all still hard at work making wondrous things for you to give to your friends and relations, or even just to yourself.



Last week, I had the great pleasure of finishing up my last salt and pepper shaker commission, which put me in the mood to make . . . MORE SALT & PEPPER SHAKERS!  And you know, grinders.  Because nothing is as good as freshly ground pepper, except possibly freshly ground pepper issued forth from the belly of a beheaded French monarch or an assassinated American President:



If you can identify the third pair, by the way, I’ll reward your excellent eyesight (or insight) with a 10% discount on any salt and pepper pairing, good for the next three months.  Don’t shout the answer in the comments, though!  Shoot me an email at!



Cindy has been a busy woman this month, in some part because she has written two Friday tutorials in a row.  (Go Cinders!)   She has also finished this month’s kickass contest prize, which may cause me to buy a fake mustache, a rust-brown El Camino, and an account with “Slick Dudes” internet service provider just so I can enter to win.  If Dan Angelo with the sweet ride wins this piece, don’t look at me.  I’ve never heard of that jerk.



If you want to challenge Jerky Dan for a shot at winning this beauty – FOR FREE, in case I didn’t stress that  – just create a drawing based on any of the four drawing tutorials we’re posting this month, scan the drawing, and post the image to our Flickr group.  At the end of the month, recruit all your friends, enemies, canines, concubines, and neighbors to come and vote for you.  How simple is that?!


Cindy is also finishing up this gorgeous piece, which will be appearing soon in her shop:



(All that delicious color kind of makes me want to lick the screen.  Don’t tell anyone.)




Sarah has this habit of making wildly popular goodies, so it’s no surprise that she’s been up to her eyebrows in Sugar Skull Pal bunnies for the last week, with still more under construction:


You, too, can have one – or even one with the heads of two – from Sarah’s shop!


Meanwhile, Sarah is also working on this, which is called “paper fabric,” but frankly, she had me at Gobots.



Tune in this Friday for our next drawing tutorial, which is on hatching and cross-hatching.  See you there!





    • HA!! That would be awesome. She made me a zombie Princess Peach pepper grinder who has enormous boobs. I feel a little lecherous every time I grind her over something.

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