Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (2/29/12)

First things first, Happy Birthday to everyone born on February 29!  It must be nice to enjoy some cake on the day itself.  Of course, it’s pretty nice to be able to enjoy some cake no matter what day it is, which makes cake a little like, oh, let me think . . . art from wonderstrange!



I really suck at estimating how much time things will take me.   Under the right circumstances, this conversation could totally happen:


Pharoah: “How long would it take you to build a pyramid?”
Me:  “TWO DAYS!  Was that the right answer?  Can I have a sticker?  How about a  hug?”


Okay, I don’t really like stickers, but that’s not the point.  Remember that collage that I showed you last week?  It’s still in progress.  That’s the point.  I am really digging it, though, so that’s a happy thing!



I’m pretty sure it will be in my shop by tomorrow night, but just in case, let’s say I’ll be listing it on Friday, by which point, I also hope to be finished with this commission for a salt & pepper pair:





Poor Cindy is so far under water at school this week that we are a little concerned she might grow a tail and start singing songs from The Little Mermaid.  In an effort to keep her on the right side of sane, we more or less ordered her not to worry about a Work in Progress this week, and after a good deal of badgering, she agreed.


There is good news from Under the Sea, though!  For those who’ve been waiting for a contest based on drawing, your time has come!  Starting on Friday, Cindy will be kicking off a month of drawing tutorials.  I stole a peek at her tutorial, and it already looks fabulous, so be sure to come back on Friday and check it out!




Last week, Sarah shared this picture of a gorgeous trinket box, which she made, oh yes, OUT OF PAPER.


(I’m still trying to wrap my head around that, which is why I KEEP SHOUTING ABOUT IT.)  This week, she started work on the pumpkin-head doll who’s going to go on top of the box, and I think I’m already a little in love:



I also think she is digging the paper magic, because she has another vessel on the spindle,as you can see here:



Look for those in the near future!


Meanwhile, for those of you hoping for a monster update, a little bird tells me that Sarah got a new sewing machine and is in the midst of organizing her fabric and her faux-fur.  More than that, I can’t say, because a slightly larger bird took out a restraining order on the first bird, and now I’m completely cut off.


As a last reminder, you have until tonight at 11:59 pm to submit pictures of your February contest entries!  Do it, do it, do it!







  1. ArtRageousTracy

    I love reading the WIP posts, but this line is be far my favoritest ever… "More than that, I can’t say, because a slightly larger bird took out a restraining order on the first bird, and now I’m completely cut off." ……..PS I have been stalking her shop to snatch up that elusive monster, but alas he is a sneaky little bugger!!

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