Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (2/22)

This past weekend, Cindy and I had a spontaneous get together in Indianapolis.  We power walked along the Canal, near the location where all three of the wonderstrange girls will be completing the Mini Marathon in May.  We went out to dinner and made fun of the waiter because we’re classy like that.  We even made some Artist Trading Cards to swap online.  What we did not do was convert my house into Admiral Awesome’s Arctic Oasis of Artistic Astrogenius, although apparently, that’s exactly what Sarah was doing in New York.   If you’ll keep reading, you’ll soon understand.




Okay, so here’s a little fact about me.  In addition to being classy, I am a great lover of the collage.  I have never sold collage on wonderstrange because of all that copyright business, which seems to me more complicated and intimidating than learning to say, “Sir, you dropped your banana into my post-ideological dream of a peaceful world” in Swahili.


But that’s about to change.


While I was working on “The Art of Collage” course (offered online at Art Trader, as I’m sure you know), I tackled the copyright banana and won.  Even now, I have two 4×6 collage works almost ready for listing, along with this larger piece, which is very much in progress.


I was having so much fun working on that focal image, in fact, that I didn’t want to stop to write this blog entry.  See?  This is my “but I don’t WANT to stop working!” face.  It might also be my “but I don’t want to cook dinner” face, my “I don’t think it IS my turn to clean the toilet” face, and my “I didn’t mean to run over your invisible friend with my post-ideological peace bike” face.



Next week, I’ll post a picture of the completed collage, along with my “woooo I just posted new collages for sale in my shop” face.  I don’t know what that face looks like yet.  Stay tuned . . .




Would you like to know another fact about me?  I am obnoxiously persistent.   While Cindy was here, I pestered her into proceeding with the spectacular sketch of the zombie and the creeper that we got to see a couple of weeks ago.  You can thank me in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . CREEPER!


Oh yes.  Cindy might like to draw the pretty, but she’s got some awesomely weird stuff hiding in there, too.  This will be on sale in Cindy’s shop by next week, so stay tuned for that, too.  Meanwhile, send Cindy some good vibes or mental cheers or maybe a psychic Power Bar, because she is in the midst of a crazy-busy time at school.


Go Cindy!





Okay, would you like to know still one more fact about me?  This is the last one, I promise.  Kind of.  For now.  Last week, when Sarah sent me the picture of her WIP monster, I absolutely lost my mind.  In case you missed it, this picture should help to explain why:



When I recovered the power of speech, I called Sarah and told her to make two, immediately:  one for me, and one for her shop.  She finished the monster today, and if you are riding an escalator, sipping a beverage, or juggling expensive crystal, for God’s sake stop and sit down so you don’t hurt anyone when you see this:


Oh yeah.  See what I’m saying?  Oasis of Astrogenius.  That baby is mine, but she’ll be posting the other one in her shop soon.


Meanwhile, did Sarah spend the weekend working exclusively on that monster?  Oh no.  She also built this trinket box.  OUT OF PAPER.



When the trinket box is finished, there will be a little pumpkin-headed doll in that divot, and I predict that I will be amazed.


Come back and visit us on Friday, by the way, because we are debuting something fun!



  1. cindyjob

    I am glad I did not see this post while I was on my step ladder , which is where I will be all day as I hang more and more and MORE student art work….because that box would have pushed me over the edge…and although it is a short ladder I am easily bruised! It is FABulous Sarah!
    Oh and that is a legitimate face that AnnD makes. I have seen it.

    • and wouldn't *I* have felt like a butthole! 😀

      I am so glad Ann of the pouty face convinced you to go forward with zombie vs. creeper.

      And Ann, that focal image makes my spleen erect!

      • Hee! Thanks, Sarah! I am really excited about the piece. We all just have to hope that your trinket box doesn't make a window washer fall from great heights. I did issue a disclaimer, but I didn't mention windows specifically. 😮

  2. artrageous

    thats paper??????? what?? it kinda reminds me of paper beads-ish.. and how exactly does one go about getting her hot little hands on that ridiculously adorable little monster MzSarah??

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