Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (2/15/12)

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but as you might imagine, we’re gearing up for the next big holidays, which are two of our personal favorites here at wonderstrange.  I am speaking, naturally, of “Be Nasty Day” (March 7)  and “Something on a Stick Day” (March 28).   We might even be nasty to or with something on a stick – but I’ve said too much.  Please just read quietly while I try to compose myself.



Okay, so I’m torn.  Part of me wants to take a picture of my living room and post it for you to ogle, and part of me is convinced that if I do, you’ll have to judge me.  With a gavel.  And a black bathrobe.  And Judge Judy lipstick.  Right now, I have not one but TWO  large tables in my living room completely filled with markers, papers, paints, works in progress, scraps, scissors, empty diet Coke cans, and for all I know, a colony of zombie mites and Jimmy Hoffa’s jock strap.


Why do I have all of this extraordinary mess in the center of my fairly small house?   I am finishing up my section of Art Trader’s online Art of Collage course, called “Telling Stories: Creating Visual Narratives,” which I am turning in tomorrow.  In the process of creating the course content, I have been finding some absolutely extraordinary public domain images and using them in sample ATCs, like this one:




I created this card not simply to amuse myself (although that is a semi-perpetual goal), but to illustrate a key section about creating focal points by combining two or more found images, then selecting additional supporting images to flesh out the story (the guy with the sign, the hack saw, the various legs and feet, etc.).


For more information about the course – which is co-taught by the amazingly talented Sal Scheibe and Andrea Melion – you should probably pass on donating your fingers to science and instead use them to grab your mouse and click right here.


Next week, by the way, I’ll show you what’s going on with that toothy fish from last week.  He can’t wait to see you again.  *Insert mental picture of crocheted fish grinning at you*




Last week, Cindy previewed her altered puzzle tutorial, for which she created the cutest damn little guys I have ever seen.  (If you don’t remember them, go check them out.  Now.  They will make you happy.  And I will wait.)  This week, I literally gasped when I saw Cindy’s picture, which is an in-progress painting of Snow White and Rose Red:



How crazy gorgeous is that?!  (Already?  When it’s not even close to being finished???)  I am very excited for that to appear in Cindy’s shop, although I suspect it will disappear again very quickly.


Race ya.



Last week, Sarah showed us her black swirly eyes, and – what’s that?  Oh, fine.  They weren’t her black swirly eyes;  those come out only under hypnosis during full moon’s after she’s eaten toast.  She did, however, show us the black swirly eyes that she created, and you have no idea how much it pains me that I can’t show you the fricking-fracking adorable stuffies she made with them.  (Yet.)  If I can’t show you next week, I promise to show you the week after.  You won’t be sorry you had to wait.


Meanwhile, the word adorable does not BEGIN to cover this WIP monster:



Holy Clever Curse Word.  Is that level of awesome even legal?  Sarah thinks she will probably have time to work on him more this weekend, which is a good thing, because I predict that he will go into the shop and back out again as fast as that painting.


Double race ya.


This week, I will end with an age-old riddle.  Some people believe it is Chinese in origin, while others site Indo-Canadian influences.  At any rate, it goes like this.  What in holy hell is Sarah going to do with these?!


Come back on Friday, and ye shall find out!




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