Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (2/1/12)

This week, the women of wonderstrange have finally gone weird science – which is not to say Kelly LeBrock has been hiding in our computers or luring large groups of bikers into our living rooms.  Kelly LeBrock has allegedly been hiding in our computers.  The bikers came of their own accord, just to watch us work.




Okay, so remember last week, when one of my Works in Progress was a crocheted tapeworm?  I love my crocheted tapeworm.  I love it so much I made two of them, like this:



I never anticipated how much fun it would be to play with pretend parasites, but it really is.  You can even do this.  Rawr!



Want to see more pics?  You know you do, so click this link.


As for this week, I decided it was time to play with body parts.  I took a small plastic heart from a 60s-era Visible Man and several teeth from a dental model and created  molds:



As for what I plan to do with these parts, frankly, I have more ideas than I can possibly execute, but keep an eye out for crocheted monsters and a certain assemblage uterus with teeth!





Here is something you may not know about art teachers: People bring them amazing things, all the time, for free.   Just yesterday, Cinders received an anonymous box with a half a brain and a book on Henry VIII in it, and since she knows I love body parts AND monarchs who order them to be chopped off, I think she might have been gloating a little while she took this picture:



If she really was gloating, though, I forgive her, because that adorable little robot makes me so warm and fuzzy inside that I want to hug people I don’t even like that much.  And here’s some good news:  You can have that little robot for your very own!  It’s TRUE!   Cindy has a little set of robots that you can buy and keep forever and put on Valentines and gift tags and cards and even your grocery list.  Check them out!


Here’s more good news.  Do you see that gorgeous watercolor background covering Henry’s face?  Cindy made that little Work in Progress using one of her favorite techniques, which she shared with us in this tutorial.   Check out her shop, too, for more watercolor wonders and adorable digital stamps!





Cindy and I might have spare body parts lying around, but the real mad science is happening in The Lab Formerly Known as Sarah’s House.  What is Sarah making with citric acid, baking soda, Kool-Aid, and a light saber?


Bath bombs!  (That isn’t really a light saber, by the way; it’s Sarah’s youngest child, madly stirring.  With her light saber.  Which I’m not supposed to talk about.)    And hey, what could be better than bath bombs scented with Kool-Aid and stirred without a light saber?  Bath bombs scented with Kool-Aid and stirred without a light saber AND shaped like anatomic hearts and Space Invaders!  I am not even joking!



Best of all, Sarah will be selling her bath bombs with these cute little heart-shaped scrubbies, which are made from cotton yarn:



Wash with these, and you’ll be clean, sweet-smelling, and lovingly exfoliated.  Ahhh!


As a final reminder, you have until February 5 to finish up your paper mache projects for our January contest!  Hurry, hurry, hurry!



  1. jennie

    Oh my gosh Ann that tapeworm is wonderful. And really really funny. And they make such a lovable heart shape. But one question do they love each other or professing their love for intestines

    • Hee hee! Thanks, jennie! You ask an excellent question, and I must confess that I don't know they answer. They were whispering pretty intimately during the photo shoot, so I think it might be tapeworm love . . .

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