Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (1/24/12)

Parasites and zombies and and viruses, oh my!  Wanna know who has which?  You have to read on!



Do you ever have those weeks when you feel compelled to shout to the universe that you are FINALLY going to get something done?  For me, this week is finish-all-of-my-commissions week.  And since I have shouted it with my fist clenched like Scarlett O’Hara, it’s kind of a fait accompli, except for the part where I haven’t actually accompli‘ed it all yet.  Over the weekend, I did create this custom  “Meowclops,” who is (as I gather) a Neopet:




With that adorable little guy all finished, I have two more crocheting projects on my plate: A large Frankenstein and a friendly neighborhood tapeworm.  Okay, maybe the tapeworm is not so friendly, since I’ve obtained photographic evidence that it attacked not only Frankenstein, but also my extremely tolerant husband.





If you haven’t done your Valentine’s Day shopping yet, you still have time to commission a crocheted wonder of your own.  You can nab a Frankenstein, a Limited Edition Voodoo Doll, or even (by this time next week) a tapeworm for that special someone in your life who won’t stop joking about the tapeworm diet.  Hey, nothing says “I love you” like a parasite made of yarn!





Cindy has been creating all sorts of amazing things in the past week!  First, she debuted a new twist on her much-beloved house paintings, which you can see here in case you missed it.   Now, she’s leaving the canvas behind completely with this Work in Progress:



So cool, right?  Cindy has also been dreaming up new digital stamps, like this adorable bunny boy, who looks like he might be every bit as late as his Alice in Wonderland counterpart:



If you aren’t familiar with digital stamps, they are basically the equivalent of rubber stamps that live happily (and neatly) inside your computer.  You can use the images on cards, crafts, wrapping paper, tags, or anything else you can dream up.  While we’re on the subject, check out our Valentine zombie digital stamp collection!


Thank goodness Cindy still has zombies on the brain, because after sketching this during a meeting, she thinks she “might” turn it into a painting.  For the love of Pete, please comment at the end of this and tell her to DO IT!  The world needs more Zombies by Cindy!



Be sure to check out all the gift options in Cindy’s shop!




Poor, sweet Sarahpants! Remember last week when I mentioned the awful stomach virus that invaded her house?  Well, after making its way through the children, the virus finally found her, and I’m pretty sure it used her like a one-bit whore.  She sounds much better today (thank goodness), and she even managed to create this lovely watercolor background:


Before she started resembling an extra in The Walking Dead, she did finish the tallish canvas posted in last week’s WIP Wednesday, see the befores and afters below:



Meanwhile, you should take a peek in Sarah’s shop, because she has new items that are going to make some lucky woman very happy this Valentine’s Day!



Hey, now that you’ve read this – and assuming you’re not as sick as Sarah – you know what you should be doing?  Entering our contest, of course!  Create a project inspired by this tutorial, this tutorial, or this tutorial, and post pics to our flickr group so people can vote you the winner and you can claim your prize, which is your very own custom bunny!


Ready, set, mache!



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