Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (12/28/11)

It’s hard to believe this is the final Work in Progress Wednesday post of the year!    We have a major announcement to share as we close out our first year in business, so read on.



About a week before Christmas, I started freaking out about filling my shop for Valentine’s Day, not because I had Christmas under control, but because I can never have too many worries.  (Worries are like Pokemon.    Or STDs.  I’ve gotta catch ’em all.)


Anyway, after leaving the freak out on a general simmer, I got an unanticipated present on Christmas Day: I suddenly realized that I needed to crochet a Henry VIII pin cushion and an Anne Boleyn scissor cover for Valentine’s Day.  And just to be romantic, I’m going to make sure Anne’s head is removable.   (Awww!)


Here’s the Henry prototype, which I stitched up immediately:




Anne still looks a lot like a ball of yarn and a package of pearls, but that will change soon enough – as will the contents of my shop.





Technically, Cindy is on vacation for a few days – but does that stop her from spreading the love of ‘strange?  Oh no.  Today, Cindy left a postcard at a Hobby Lobby in Arkansas for a lucky shopper to find.


(The subject of that card, by the way, is Cindy’s “little guy,” who has made appearances in many Artist Trading Cards over the years, all of which I want to own.  Is he not adorable?)


Meanwhile, Cindy has sold ALL of the heart paintings she created in 2011, so to celebrate, she’ll be making more for Valentine’s Day, 2012, along with cards and more.





Remember that announcement I mentioned at the beginning?  Here it comes.  After some serious soul searching, Nanner has made the difficult decision to leave WonderStrange Arts to pursue a career that utilizes her degree in Advertising.  Although we will miss her very much, we love and support her always.   You can still expect to see her around, making comments and perhaps even spearheading a wonderstrange Art-a-thon.  We hope you will join us in wishing her all the best!





Do you know what Sarah loves?  Okay, technically, Sarah loves a lot of things:  Toast, zombies, her family, felt, robots, Snow White, and that Pepto Pink Snuggie I got her for Christmas.  Do you know what ELSE Sarah loves, though?  Anatomical hearts.  You should expect to see lots of those in Sarah’s shop this Valentine’s Day, along with other assorted magical goodies on this list:



Before she can make any of those things, however, Sarah is getting herself organized for the New Year.



Go, go, Gadget Sarah!


Hey, remember all of those awesome ornament tutorials we published in December?  Be sure to post pictures of your own wonderstrange-inspired creations to our forum by January 7 so that you’ll be entered in our contest.  Visitors to the site will select the winner, who scores this cool canvas by Cindy Jo!


Happy New Year!


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  1. Russell

    Nanner's leaving WonderStrange?!!? Say it aint so. I'll miss her wonderful art. Will we still be able to contact you directly to buy stuff Nanner? Of course, I wish you all the best for happiness and success in your next venture.

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