Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat!  Okay, it might be getting fat.  We don’t actually know, because I’m a vegetarian, Sarah is serving prime rib, Nanner is eating at someone else’s house, and Cindy will be making appetizers and birthday cake for her baby girl, born on Christmas Day.  Until that day arrives, however, we are all working hard to finish our commissions and spread the love of ‘strange the world over!



With the ultimate deadline days away, I am working on my very last commission for 2011: A gingerbread man with a fun twist, which I won’t reveal, just in case the recipient should stumble across this edition of WIP Wednesday.  Let’s just say that later tonight, I’ll be adding long blond hair, and we’ll leave it at that!



Oh, and for the media hounds out there, I’ll also add that as I crochet, I am watching the famous movie *Scent of a Metal Pole*.   (If you know the actual name of the film, show off your mad skills by naming it in a comment below!)





This week, Cindy has sent some of her art overseas with a friend, who left this postcard on a statue in Ireland!  We’re hoping someone finds it and checks in with us, because how cool would that be?!


While her elf was off to spread the  ‘Strange to faraway shores, Cindy was just across town teaching eight teenage girls how to make t-shirt yarn.



(If you want to learn for yourself, check out this tutorial from Sarah!)





This week, Nanner is busily wrapping presents – AND upcycling old Christmas lights by using them in place of ribbons!  So clever, Nan!



She’s also been decorating her chili tree with some new orders from wonderstrange!  (When we say we have a hard time not buying all of each other’s art, we are so not kidding.)





Sarah had no sooner finished these two Sugar Skull Pals than she received orders for four more!



Need a last-minute gift?  Hurry, hurry, because Wednesday is pretty much the last day we could ship anything and have it arrive on time!  Hop on over to the shop!


Looking for fun things to do with the family on the days leading up to Christmas?   We have several fun and easy ornament tutorials, plus another one coming on Friday!  If you make ornaments inspired by our tutorials and post a picture to our forum by January 7, you’ll be entered in our contest.  Visitors to the site will select the winner, who scores this cool canvas by Cindy Jo!


Merry Christmas to all, and to all some ‘strange art!




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