Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (12/13)

For the past few weeks, we have been working harder than Santa’s elves to make all kinds of delicious seasonal goodies – and  I don’t mean those spoiled, high-falutin’, toy-makin’ elves, either; I mean the ones who trim Santa’s corns and wash his cookie plates and hide the cocoa when Mrs. Claus says he’s had enough.  Oh yeah.  We work harder than the grouchy elves.  That’s how much we love to make art!



I have apparently become obsessed with Frankenstein.  Why?  Pfft.  Why not?!  He’s a mean, green grouch who doesn’t get his own Christmas special – or his own cute little dog.  Obviously, he needs a little Christmas love, wonderstrange style!  To advance the cause, I am turning Frankenstein into an adorable, one of a kind tree topper.  When he’s finished, he’ll have a red scarf with white trim and either stars or patches (I haven’t decided):



For more of my tree decorations – and Special Edition Christmas creatures, including the Voodoo Doll and Frankenstein’s Monster – visit my shop!





Cindy has been busy making more (and more) of her wildly popular Fairy Tale Ornaments!



The art is to die for, and the price is a steal, so order a set while you can!  While you’re in Cindy’s shop, check out her gift card holders and canvas ornaments, too!





Shortly after posting her Easy Ornament tutorial last Friday, Nanner returned home to find this note from her favorite gentleman:



Since the gentleman promptly commissioned her to create 10 more, Nanner has been thanking her lucky stars that her sister gave her so many gumball containers!   You can grab more of Nanner’s mixed media greatness in her shop, with a selection ranging from gift card holders to ornaments and more!


Don’t forget that if you make one of our Easy Ornaments and post a picture to our forum by January 7, you’ll be entered in our contest.  Visitors to the site will select the winner, who scores this cool canvas by Cindy Jo!





Sarah might have been busy filling orders for her fabulous zombie ornaments, but that big brain of hers never, ever stops running, so at an hour of the morning that shall remain unnamed, Sarah started screen printing some anatomical hearts:



I have it on good authority that when finished, these anatomical hearts will be embellished and look even more amazing (how, I’m not sure).  Meanwhile, get one of those zombie ornaments – or a ‘bot – while you still can!


Check back with us next week for more insider bits and sneaky peeks!





  1. cindyjob

    My Mama always said "Nothing good comes from staying up too late" but Sarah has just proved her incorrect! That heart is awesome Sarah, I hope they end up in your shop for Valentines day !

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