Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms ( 12/06)

What??? It’s Wednesday already?

This week we are short on time AND pictures here at Wonderstrange. The holidays are getting closer by the minute and  this year Ann and Sarah will be greeting old Saint Nick with crochet calluses from all the voodoo dolls and bunny slippers they have been making, and the mug Cindy used to leave the milk for him on Christmas Eve now looks like this.

Semper Fi Santa!

Word on the street is Nanner is writing a great tutorial for this Friday. If you missed the first Friday tute from December click Here and make some fun, easy ornaments.

Even though we are juggling  this week, you still have time to order gifts and get them in time for the holidays. We even offer free gift wrapping so check out the shop and take some time to relax and enjoy.

We couldn’t resist another peek at this one