Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the Wonderstrange Arts Work Rooms (11/9)

All around the country, the women of wonderstrange are gearing up for the holidays.  This is not to say we’re putting on our elf hats and putting out the rum balls, though.  Frankly, we’d rather eat the rum balls, and we’re perfectly happy to do that in November.  Hatless.

Here’s what we’re working on this week:


People who come to my house routinely tell me that I have way too much fun with my work.  And it’s true.  This week, I have been cracking myself up repeatedly with these salt & pepper shakers, which featureNapoleon & Josephine (on the left) and Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI (on the right).  Later in the week, I’ll also be doing Marie Antoinette paired with a multi-tiered cake!  (That was Sarah’s idea.  She’s kind of a genius that way.)

Look for these and many other shakers to appear in my shop before the end of the month!


Cindy, meanwhile, has been busily working on launching a whole new line for wonderstrange: Digital stamps!  If you’ve never used them before, digital stamps are a great way to expand your rubber stamp collection without exacerbating your need for storage.  You can use images like the ones pictured below to create cards, tags, and all kinds of paper crafts.  Just download, size, print, and color!   It’s a great way to create handmade cards or gifts!

To see more of Cindy’s digital stamps – known as “digis” for short –click HERE


This week, Nanner is finally home after weeks of being our very own little road warrior.  She has a lot of art supplies (and one very special doll) to unpack before she can start creating her special brand of mixed media magic.  If you missed the mixed media art dolls she already posted this week, by the way, they are as adorable as they are affordable.  You should totally check them out!


Since the last WIP entry, Sarah has had even more custom zombie slipper orders, one of them from a customer who wants a pair in purple.  Ooh la la!  Sarah has also been working on the site in preparation for switching to a faster host.  We don’t have a picture of that effort, but we sure do appreciate it!

Check back next Wednesday for more sneaky peeks & updates!



  1. artrageous

    OOMMGG… I can’t wait to see what Nanner does with that orgasmicallyfantastical little dollie!! She is soooo purdy!

  2. Goodwill, baby! I have an army of people who scour the city for me, and sure, maybe that army consists of my mother and her husband, but army sounds so much better, right?!

  3. oddbreed

    haaa, my inlaws scour tooo, all i do is give her a list and shes off, she even finds stuff i never thought i could use at the junk store she volunteers at…and everytime they make a trip over, they gotta stop at every thrift store, well trained i guess~

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