Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (1/18/12)

This weekend was an eventful one for the women of wonderstrange.  While Cindy & I got together at my house to do some ‘strange plotting for various 2012 art fairs & shows, Sarah’s house got hit with the mother of all 24-hour bugs.  (Ughs!)   In spite of all the activity in both homes, we all managed to start new projects, so read on!



Last week, as you may recall, I previewed a voodoo doll with a removable, jab-able, stab-able anatomical heart.  I am pleased to announce that he is now available for purchase – but only for a limited time!   Make your order by January 31, because as of February, he will be gone, Daddy, gone!



Meanwhile, though I have received several crochet commissions, I have also been feeling the assemblage itch.  I picked up this candle holder at Goodwill last week:



Last night, in the middle of the night, it suddenly struck me that if I turned that baby upside down, it could make an excellent foundation for an assemblage reproductive system:



(In case you’re not seeing it, the arms are the fallopian tubes, and the candle holders will have ovaries dangling from them, while the uterus will take the starring role in the center.)  I’d snap another picture of how it’s coming along, but in an excellent demonstration of my planning skills, it’s covered in wet paint.  So!  Coming soon will be wonderstrange’s first artistic rendering of internal girl parts.  My mother will be so proud.




Poor Cinders!  Last week, I believe I mentioned that she had been tromping all over the northern suburbs of Chicago in the cold trying to find a place that would make awesome prints of her Valentine’s Day cards without forcing her to charge you an arm and a leg.  (Seriously, she doesn’t even like arms and legs that much.)  After seeing the cards in person over the weekend, I can tell you it’s a downright tragedy that today, yet another printer let Cindy down, this one from the internet.   The good news is that the originals are available even now in her shop, and they make great art for the walls!   Order one for your sweetie, pop it into a frame, and you’ll look like you dropped some serious coin even though you didn’t!  Go you!  So thrifty!




While you’re figuring out which one to choose, Cindy has been working on another cool commission:


If you’d like to give your true love a painting, Cindy will be accepting orders for commissions until February 4!  She will also have several paintings in her shop!




Fortunately, Sarah didn’t have to spend the entire weekend ferrying the bucket between sick children; she also found time to play with paints.  Check out these three killer canvases:




The small ones have already been claimed (I’m trying not to be bitter about that), but the tall one will be making an appearance in Sarah’s shop very soon!


Sarah has had lots of orders for her Sugar Skull Bunnies, so I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that you could WIN one, for free, by creating projects inspired by this tutorial or this tutorial.  Or the one Cindy’s going to publish on Friday!  See you then!





  1. Meredith

    OH wow, that uterus just might be mine. I already feel connected to it, as someone who frequently gets asked about my fallopians (ignoramuses who want to know how I achieved twins- au naturel or invitro-yes the akwardness…) Cannot wait to see what you do with it.
    Awesome wonderfulness here ladies, and so inpspiring!!!!

    • LOL. You poor woman! Way too many strangers interpret pregnancy as an invitation to get up close and personal, but that's supposed to end with the birth. Gack.

      I am excited to work on the uterus – and even more excited now that I know you feel a connection to the piece! Thanks so much for commenting!

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