Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (11/30)

This week, we’re celebrating a wonderstrange first:  We survived Black Friday!   Hell, we even enjoyed Black Friday – and Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday!  Sure, by the time Monday rolled around, we were kind of exhausted and droopy around the ears, but this is not wimpystrange!  We soldiered right on!  So pour some eggnog, and let’s see what’s up!



When my husband, Jason, was about 12 years old, he began to practice the fine art of juggling.  Lo these many years later, if I had to trust one human being to juggle three newborn babies, I wouldn’t, because that would be a really hard decision to defend in court.  But!  Jason does juggle pretty well, and he looks a lot cuter juggling voodoo doll heads than I do crocheting them, mostly because I look like I’m concentrating.  Probably because I am.  Hey look!  Juggling!




Don’t forget: If you didn’t order a Special Edition Christmas Voodoo Doll this past weekend, you have until December 15 to place your order!  They’re pretty irresistible, as are several of the other items in my shop!




This Friday, Cindy will be debuting our tutorial project for the month of December, showing us how to use an easy (and highly therapeutic!) watercolor technique to make stunning paper ornaments.  Here’s a super sneaky peek!



I am going to a little art event in two weeks, and I’ve already decided that I’m going to go Full Bossypants and bring materials for everyone to make these, because I’ve read the tutorial, and it looks FUN!   While waiting for your chance to read the tutorial on Friday, be sure to check out the gorgeous miniature canvas ornaments in Cindy’s shop, along with gift card holders, cards, and more!





Nanner was one of several of us who received custom orders over the weekend, so this week, she’s working busily on one of her Custom Art Dolls of Your Pet:



You can order lots of other art dolls from Nanner, too, along with all kinds of gift card holders & goodies from her shop!





Fresh from the wild Black Friday success of her zombie ornaments and her adorable little ‘bots, Sarah is making another set of heart pieces that can hang on your tree or your wall:



As you can see from that picture, she is also making a matryoshka that I already want to buy, just from seeing the sketch:



Is that ridiculously cute or what?!   Be sure to check out more of the ridiculous in Sarah’s shop!


Thanks for checking in this week!  If you haven’t cozied up to us on the Facebooks, you should, because there just might be another surprise sale very soon.



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