Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (11/23)

Gobble, gobble, toil & trouble!  We at wonderstrange are in a state of denial about the massive cook-stravaganza tomorrow, so instead, we’re concentrating on BLACK FRIDAY.  And Cyber Monday.  Because for both of those days (and every day in between), we’re having a sale that you should totally check out, so stay tuned for details!


Okay, so in case you didn’t know this, Cindy is a runner, and by runner, I mean a champion of marathons that would kill me dead on mile 3.   Butanyway.  The other day, Cindy was running many miles with a very wise friend when suddenly the very wise friend said, “You know what you should do?  You should make gift card holders!”  So Cindy told us, and we told ourselves, and all of us are now making make gift card holders, only some of which are previewed here.  The rest are top secret, so if I tell you about them, I have to eat your turkey.  I’m a vegetarian.  Please don’t make me do it.


Since I’m the Goodwill hound, naturally I had to find and alter something to save it from the landfill, so I chose cassette tapes.  Why cassette tapes?  Because I have a dear friend who would take your Coach purse and put it through an industrial shredder and then punch you in the face for a chance to stand near Rick Springfield, and I happened to see a Rick Springfield cassette tape.  It was kind of like fate, with extra scoops of violence.


Once I returned from Goodwill, this was the mess of creation:



And this is one example of what I created.  There will be several styles, many of which double as ornaments (like this one, which features a great shot of downtown Indianapolis):




Since I couldn’t bear to think of tossing cassettes themselves, I decided I would use the cassette casings to make little Purse Emergency Kits, featuring bandages, floss, safety pins, and other little necessaries – perfect for stuffing stockings, eh?   Here’s a preview of one of those:



All of these will be available in the sale, starting Friday!



Now that she’s finished with her last parent-teacher conference (ahhh!), Cindy has been making some completely adorable gift card holders like these:



You know you’re giving gift cards to a teacher and a bus driver and a mail delivery person, so you should probably order some on Friday.  Or maybe Monday.  Don’t you think?



Nanner is pushing the boundaries of awesome with her gift card holders.   You should buy some of these on Friday, too.



And if you missed the first of Nanner’s 12 Days of Christmas ornaments, you should check them out, because they rock!



Sarah is our current Queen of the Commissions.  She just finished a custom order for these zombie ornaments, of which we are demanding she make more:



Meanwhile, she’s also working on these incredible Mistletoe Robot ornaments.  I’ve already placed my order.  I’m not even kidding.



The Sale


All of us are discounting items from our shops by 20% from Friday – Monday, so check back, and grab things while they’re hot!  We’re only human, so we have limited quantities!  See you Friday!