Work in Progress Wednesday: A Peek Inside the WonderStrange Arts Work Rooms (1/11/12)

This week, wonderstrangers all over the country are covered in glue and water.  I’m covered.  Cindy is covered.  Some of you are covered.  I think I even saw a glob on the cat.  The reason for all of this glue and water, of course, is that we’re featuring paper mache projects all month long, and not just any projects, but really cool projects that help you organize your art and crafting supplies.  Last Friday, Sarah turned a leftover box from the holidays into amazing custom storage for colored pencils and markers.   It rocked so hard that two people have already made pieces inspired by the tutorial.


While the world turns and the paper mache dries, meanwhile, we’re all working on things for our shops as well.  For a sneaky peek, keep reading!



This past week, my husband turned 40.  I mention this because I want you to feel my pain.  As ever, I had to go shopping for birthday presents just a few days after Christmas, except this year, I could not believe the mushy, maudlin Valentine’s Day crap I saw everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  It was enough to give a girl diabetes!   So.  In my WIP this week, I am striking back at the sugary-sweet side of Valentine’s Day with a Special Edition Voodoo Doll.  He features a removable anatomical heart that you can literally rip out of his chest and jab with pins.  This doll isn’t for everybody, only the sexy people.  With bonehead boyfriends.  Or evil exes.  Or bosses from the fourth ring of Hell.




Cute, right?  I’ll have him finished up by the weekend and posted to my shop, where you can also order a Henry VIII pin cushion and/or an Anne Boleyn scissor cozy for your dearest love, or your dearest friend, or someone you secretly wish you could behead.  Apparently, this Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the pretend violence over my way.





Here is a bit of trivia about Cindy: She loves Valentine’s Day.  It’s kind of her favorite, right up there with babies and carrot cake and gnomes.   Her Valentine’s cards, meanwhile, are kind of my favorite.  For the past week, poor Cindy has been tromping all over the northern suburbs of Chicago trying to find a place to print these gorgeous babies in all their colorful glory:


As soon as she succeeds, printed sets will be appearing in her shop, along with the heart canvases and other fantastic goodies that are already there!  The originals will also be available for purchase, and as the owner of several of Cindy’s incredible cards, I can tell you that they look amazing in frames, hanging on the wall.




Like the rest of us, Sarah is finishing up commissions that came in just before Christmas (don’t worry – the customers all knew that the items wouldn’t be finished by Christmas), but she’s also brewing up some Valentine’s deliciousness with this brilliant little notebook:




The perfect size to pack in a purse, backpack, or glove compartment, this badass little gem is going to make an awesome gift.  For me.


Oh, wait.  I meant for your BFF, or your honey, or yourself.


Or me.


Hey, and while you’re waiting for us to finish these awesome works in progress, you should go vote for your favorite ornaments from our December contest!  See you next Wednesday!



  1. Oh Wow! that special edition voodoo doll is so cool. I may have to have one (you've heard the stories of my boss) and for anyone who is thinking about Cindy's valentines for framing – DO IT! I have a set framed and they are stunning.

    • Hooray! Thanks for the lovely comment, Russell! I appreciate your joining me in urging people to frame Cindy's cards, too. Mine are some of my very favorite pieces of framed art in the whole house!

  2. nanner

    Each Wednesday, my Wish List grows a bit longer. Exciting things coming (and thanks again for letting us get our voyeur on!)

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