Random Wonders April 2019


I had this crazy idea to start a new project after dissolving my design team (too much work. Oof) while talking with one of my old team members. I said “ohhhh what if I just sent some random stencils to someone and had them work with them!?!” and Random Wonders was born.

The idea was to pick three random stencils and send them to three random people and have those three random people make something with those stencils. It could be easy. It could be crazy hard. SHENANIGANS!!!

(Want to sign up to possibly be one of those random people? Click here and fill in the form! <3 )

I’ll be posting the wonders that my three random people have made in the next couple of weeks, but, in the meantime, here’s what they’re working with!

I also have them available as a set for a discount here!

Since it wouldn’t be especially fair to make someone else do something I’m not willing to do myself, I made an art journal page with them, too.

AND a youtube timelapse!

This is also available as a RIDICULOUSLY LONG VIDEO for my patrons. You can get more info about my Patreon page here!

If you play along, I’d LOVE to see it! Use the #randomwonders and #strumpetstencils hashtags so I can find you!


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5 thoughts on “Random Wonders April 2019

  1. Love your page. And I’m still working on it (I guess I’m pressuring myself too much, again!!).

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