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  1. Chantelle Venter

    Firstly I would like to say … WOW!!! Your work is GORGEOUS. The use of colours and shapes simply speak to me and your animals are so lovely. 🙂 Glad that I came across your site. Secondly, this would be such a great opportunity to win a space. I’ve been dealing with 9 years of struggling both health and financial wise. My family has endured a very long path of pain and I believe some healing is in dire need. I know there are a lot of people struggling financially and physically, so I am just another soul searching for some kind of relief. Hoping and praying that there is someone out there whom will be willing to give me an opportunity to better myself and my life. Sending lots of love to everyone. May you have a blessed day. Hugs and kisses from South Africa xxx

  2. Jennifer

    I would love to join Lifebook 2018 because it is a course that nurtures my soul, encourages healing, teaches me new techniques, and brightens every Monday! I am especially excited about the new additions to the program and new teachers like you to learn from! I was so excited to see your name on the lineup for 2018! I am loving your lesson on EverAfter with Hansel and Gretel! I hope we get an art lesson from you as well, but I am really excited about the yoga too! I have just been thinking how much I would like to start a yoga practice again.

  3. I’m so thrilled at the chance to join LifeBook! Thanks for the giveaway! My first yoga experience was an interesting and calming experience. It inspired me to continue for 3 years before I moved. I’ve even introduced my little one to it 🙂

  4. Alenka Povše

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to win a spot.
    I try some yoga through e-courses and i love it. it would be amazing to combine yoga and art. 😉
    I just want to incorporate creativity into my daily life with small acts of imaginative exploration, loosening up, discovering new shapes, with all of you amazing artists.

    thank you,
    love, Alenka

  5. My first yoga experience was about 35 years ago. I spent a few years doing yoga almost daily, and then….life fell apart. I’ve recently come back to it and now, at 66, after being widowed twice, I have found the peace that yoga and meditation gave me all those years ago. It’s like coming home.

  6. Christine

    Ive never practiced Yoga but would dearly love to start. It would be amazing to practice to yoga through art. Its something I’d never though of doing. Thank you for the chance.

  7. I’m not sure when my first yoga experience was, I’ve been taking yoga classes for ages. I do remember a woman teaching a class, and she was really tough. Most of her instruction was really good, there was lots to learn. But the weirdest thing was, when she got to another participant, told him to relax and as it didn’t happen soon enough she shouted in this ear: RELAX! When I think of it now, it’s funny. I’ve experienced many more teachers and also some that are more relaxed and empathic. Let’s say that all this diversity is good and we can all choose our best teachers.
    I’m looking forward to Lifebook 2018 with yoga in it! And hope we’ll see some of your art as well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Jane W.

    I’ve never done yoga before, but I’m open to learning and trying it. I do find art journaling can be very meditative.

  9. Caroline Sandford

    My first yoga class (the whole course, really) was mostly about learning to not try so hard that my limbs shook, learning how far to go and where the edges were. I would zone out like I do sometimes when painting or crocheting, but never thought of combining the two. That would be really interesting.

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