Chronology – Queen of Sucking Kiwi


Vacation’s over, I’m back.  Summers are hard!  This week we also built a deck, making things extra complicated.  NOW IT’S RAINING I GOTTA GO INSIDE ACK. 


OK.  Ipad saved from the rain.  PHEW.  ONWARD!

I have a fancy app that makes fancy pictures!  All the better for sharing, amirite?

SOOOO I skipped some prompts this week.  No new recipes.  I barely even cooked.  Haha!  Also I totally forgot about the color scheme.  WHOOPS.

I do want to get better at collage, so I made this weird kiwi-sucker…

And of course Lord Midnight and Queen Darkness made their way in there, along with a super simple illustration of “filament” (that you can’t actually see in this photo.. way to go, Sarah!!)..

I added in some momentos from my trip to California, the three things I’ve accomplished, and a new stencil I designed for my Patreon people...

And that’s it!!  Have a wonderful week – come post in the Facebook group if that turns your crank!!  *you should also be able to post below in the comments!



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  1. Sam M

    I really love Lord Midnight and Queen Darkness! They have such sweet, sombre faces. The eye stencil is awesome as well 🙂
    Also, super happy to be able to be a part of your Patreon group again. I was gutted when I got made redundant and had to leave it, but yay for new jobs! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing your talent <3

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