WIP Friday

That’s right kids, we’re bringing the WIP back.  But not the same as it was before – we’re going to do actual step-by-step WIPs, videos, etc., so if you’d like to see something specific, let us know in the comments here!!

This week we’re all recovering from the visit last weekend and Cindy’s big birthday bash, I’m dealing with emotional trauma and a wedding where my family makes up most of the wedding party, and Ann’s in-laws are in town.

Suffice to say, we’re not getting much art done, but we have lots of awesome planned in the weeks/months to come!  In the meantime, check out a picture of  my husband doing his best Jack Nicholson impression as he busts through our kitchen wall from the future home of Wonderstrange Tattoo:

Until next week, you little weirdos!