1. OMG that platypus *swoon* OF COURSE THEY USE THEIR HEADS. What are they, savages?!! I don't think so!!

    I <3 your little robot guy!!

    • This made me laugh so hard that I might have laid a platypus egg. Wait, that sounded like a disgusting euphemism. The point is that you are funny. And I <3 you!

  2. FANCY PLATYPUS. You are hooked. I don't know if that is related to my evil plan to hook all of the people on fancy animals, but I am going to claim victory regardless. ALSO, FANCY CHAIR! So nicely done! I want to do interiors. Especially fancy chairs and couches, with fancy wallpaper, maybe, and large dogs. 😀

    I also love the girl (or girl facsimile). She has cool hair!

    • I am so hooked! I blame you, by which I mean that I credit you. Seriously, it is wonderful to contemplate drawing animals without hyperventilating.

      I am also very glad you like the chair! I decided that if I could draw a platypus, I could damn well draw a chair! 😉

      (And I know I just went asymmetrical, which I like so much, but her hair is next – maybe when I turn 50.)

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