Weird Weeks and Unfinished Work

I was all kinds of excited this week because I knew that as of Friday morning, I’d have two new items in my Etsy shop, plus a blog with pretty progress pics.  As it turns out, however, it wasn’t that sort of week.  I didn’t get the bear; the bear got me, which is weird, because I work inside of a locked house in the burbs, nowhere near bears.  Possibly they were furloughed and looking for a fight.  Possibly I did not attend all three hours of my “How to Determine if the UPS Guy at the Door Is Secretly a Bear Looking to Get You” workshop.  Mostly, I think I am lucky to be alive, because I had a hackneyed, metaphorical fight WITH A BEAR.


Anyway, let’s not dwell on this week and its metaphors.  Let’s dwell on next week, when I will in fact have these two things for sale in my Etsy shop, even if I have to list them while I’m punching a bear.


Star Wars Bar Set - Figures Painted, but Not Base


Wizard of Oz- Partially Painted




  1. Holy cow those are looking terrific! I have to admit I don't understand most of the business with the bear. Ok. All of the business with the bear. But I hope the coming weeks goes more like you hope! 😀

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