Wednesday Wow: You.

I am having a heinously busy week where time is just SLIPPING AWAY, but I wanted to at least post SOMETHING for Wednesday Wow, and this post has been a long time coming.

This week I can finally admit that I’m in awe of you.

You, the lurkers, the cheerers, the artists, the dreamers.  Whether you’ve been here since the beginning or have just found us, thank you.  Thank you for riding along with us, whether you visit daily, weekly, monthly, or biannually.  Thank you for your comments, for your likes, for your shares, for your pins, for your silent support.

Thank you for being weird and awesome and letting your freak flags fly.




  1. shuckclod

    Thank you for the new stamps and Ann those dolls got mutilated in a good way. Are you watching Salem? They brand on the forehead of the pervs. We should still do that, so we know where they are. Have a great week ladies.

  2. morentin1326

    well thank you… i have been a fan for a long time… and I must say, your digital stamps are my fav to create cards with… so thank you for all that you share.

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