1. This book looks seriously awesome.

    And you do have great writing. I, on the other hand, do not. The package I just sent you? Mm-hmm. The note inside is illegible.

    Add this to the list of 342 books I want!

    • It is pretty awesome! Just flipping through it has already made me think about ways to improve my lettering, so worth the 17 bucks for sure.. lol

  2. I had this book on order forever and my one real frustration is that I needed her to tell me what I already knew and that was that I had to make up my own font. The tips on tools and paper and writing a little bit every day beginning with quotes and other people's words and then moving into quoting myself in my own journals is amazing! I got the book from Amazon the day that it was finally and really available… and within a week I was doing my own lettering on cards and my journal pages leapt forward by miles because I love love love my initial and secondary "personal fonts"! Thank you for this review. Lets get folks WRITING and liking it! You rock!!!

    • hahah I did the same thing – I had it sitting in my amazon cart FOREVER. I had the same "oh.. yeah.. duh" moment reading about making your own fonts. Isn't that annoying when that happens?

      Go you, kick that ass!! I totally want to make that love letters journal and just write all the time. Feeds my ink addiction!

      I was most excited to find out that she lives close to me (a little over an hour away), so I feel like I'm supporting a local artist!

  3. Ooooh! Aaaaah! Having recently completed a swap involving handwritten text I would like to do more. Also, I think I recognize this artist from Etsy. I love the style! I admit I don't hate my writing, but I would like to do a bunch and improve. But when?! Where are the free hours into which I might squeeze yet another thing. Aaaaah. (It does not help that time seems be buzzing past so fast and frankly, so rudely.)

    • Yeah I wish I could help you with that. I got stuff to learn Calligraphy in January and still haven't had a chance to do any of it. :-/

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