1. Yep, yep, yep. I love 'em! Only discovered them last year and started off with just the white. my lovely friend bought me a pack of white, black, red, gold & silver for Christmas… now I'm lusting after the colours YOU have!

    • Hmmmmm.. I think they're about equal. If you were going to choose one over the other, though, the Posca does have the ability to do differing line widths! After I wrote all of those, Jerod wrote poop on there in white pen, so it was a "nice" surprise.. hahahah!

  2. I have thought about paint pens but so far avoided them. The black one though. Might need that! On the other hand, it feels like I have SO MANY NEW SUPPLIES in the last month or so. Maybe I should wait. You know when you buy a whole bunch of CDs at once, and then some never get played? It's like that. (Yeah, that could be a *slightly* dated reference.)

    • hahhaah I get you!! I used to do the same thing with cassette tapes. :-/

      Luckily the Posca pens are cheaper than Goldens, so there's that.

  3. I LOVE these pens and the fact that you can get them in different colours and nib sizes. The art shop where I work stocks the whole range…………..not good for my bank balance but fantastic for my art 😀

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