1. It's so funny you mentioned this today. My coworker was telling me this morning that he was using Kwik Weld to fix something at home when his 9 year old daughter asked if she could use some. She found a squashed ant and encased it in glue in her journal. I was thinking all day about what I could do with that glue…minus the ants.

    • HAHAHA! OMG, that's my favorite story of the week. Hilarious.

      You can do SO many things with it. I use it to stick D rings on the backs of canvas panels. I used it to stick the doll heads to the cribbage board in my author desk organizer. Metal to metal, plastic to metal, ceramic to wood – it does all the things. Careful, or I'm going to start singing again! 😉

  2. yay for two-part epoxy!! 😀 😀 😀 it is by far my favorite adhesive.. except for the stink. The stuff I use smells like a rotten egg in a dirty diaper wrapped in cabbage and then stuffed in an obese man's workboot.

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