1. Nice board, that's awesome! I'll have to check around for something similar. I love the handle it has. I have one that's 18 x 24 for life drawing but it's hugely awkward for en plein couch drawing. I need something more like yours. I'll add it to THE LIST… which is super huge by now.

    • OMG, Sal, the handle is ridiculously awesome! I carry it right down the street to my MIL's house, and it isn't even remotely awkward – which is more than I can say for the casserole dishes, pots, pans, and salad bowls I've taken down the same path. It's the coolest!

      I hadn't even thought of taking it to life drawing, but of course, that's because I haven't done life drawing. In the movies, everyone who does life drawing has his/her own easel. Ha!

  2. hahahah en plein couch. Love it.

    I love my drawing boards so much! They work great for taping down watercolor paper to keep it from buckling, too!

  3. shuckclod

    Thank you for the new stamps, poor little doughnut 😉 I love those little poison guys. #3 looks so cute. Have a great week girls.

    • You are so welcome! At least the doughnut's last moment(s) have been immortalized. 😉

      Sarah's little poison guys are SUPER adorbs. And you should see the authors!

  4. msmathey

    I have a drawing board but never thought to use it "en plein couch" – LOL!
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. I have one of these, possibly the same one. Got mine at Dick Blick. I used it for the longest time to make a narrow tabletop wider. Now it is part of my unfinished room redecorating project. Aaaaaah. (But I do recommend it as a good and useful investment – when used!)

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