1. Holy crap, I didn't even know I needed one of those. I use a 15" metal ruler, and that is just a tad unnecessary for ATC size. JUST A TAD. Under $5 tool….. No clue! But I can tell you I use a brown 005 Micron for almost all initial inking after pencil these days. Can buy one for about $2 but I tend to beat them up and go through them. 😀

    • I discovered them through my husband, who had a whole set of drafting tools. He was all, "Here. Use this." I was all, "!!!!!!!!" That's hard to say, too.

      You should really get one or five.

      And will have to try inking in brown!

  2. I never knew I needed one of those! of course I have to have one now, so clever! my best cheapie tool, is my pencil, everywhere people talk about having soft pencils, and I have to say, I hate soft pencils, they smudge! I have a 4H, and it´s perfect. no smudging! light lines!

    • Once you have one, you won't ever want to go back! They are the best.

      I am with you on the soft pencils! I hate all the smudginess! I haven't tried a 4H, though. I'll have to pop one into my basket the next time I'm at the art store! 😀

  3. Cheri Quigley Hayward

    I sometimes use a drafting ruler for pattern adjusting. It’s HUGE though. LOL I didn’t know they made smaller drafting stuff. Like, I KNOW I should have known, but it just never occurred to me. LOL

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