1. Sunny

    I forgot all about this stuff! I'm so glad you reminded us! When I bought mine, there were only a few colors so I'm thrilled to know it has expanded. Mine may be dried up! I guess I will have to buy MORE!! LOL

  2. Sunny

    P.S. I love your canvases!!!! I also love exclamation points….. and I am always highly excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 1. you sell this really well, I've wanted to try the crackle paints from this series and have hesitated, like you I try only to buy SOME of the magnificence coming from Tim's line and these have been on a back burner. Not anymore, and they have been.

    2. if you're unafraid to refer me, you can refer me to blitsy and then get the $10 gift because I will be placing an order. LMAO I'll presume after a week that you're less comfortable with the idea and I'll order on my own.

    My email is attached to my comment.

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