1. They're so cute! And so clever!

    I'm glad you mentioned that the high-flow acrylics basically double as ink. I was wondering how much freaking flow-i-er you could get and still call it paint!

  2. OH my God, Mupps. Last week I knocked my Speedyball Superblack India Ink off the table and I didn't realize it. The lid was on but here's a tip: the jar links even when the lid is on tight. Don't trust the lid! I ruined one of our armchairs and got ink on my diaper bag and a cloth grocery bag, which wound up ruining one of Frank's expensive work shirst.

    Oh, and when I moved out of my apartment into our house I had to pay to replace the carpet, partially because I spilled a whole jar of the same stuff on the center of the living room floor. Cap off.

    • OMG i remember when you spilled the entire bottle – that was back when Nicci inspired a whole crapload of us to try dip pens! I think that helped to contribute to my ink paranoia.

  3. What, WHAT?! There's such a thing as COLORED India Ink?! (Shows how far behind I am…LOL!). I think I may've found a new weakness…

    Will have to look into those dinky dips though…I've just put my ink on a corelle saucer and slowly pulled away more to mix with water to get lighter shades of grey…

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