1. OMG! You are so, so, so smart!

    As a side note, I crack up every time I use my Distress paints, because I do all the wrong things with them. BUT THEY'RE MINE! AND I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH THEM! And I would like to put glue on the same way! I am seriously geeking out over the prospect!


    P.S. Give me 80s music or give me death. And by death, I mean other music, although I would have preferred the 80s.

    • Okay now i need to know how you can possibly use distress paints wrong!

      Yeah they are SUPER AWESOME. So far, no tip drying, either!

      Yum, 80s music ;D

  2. LOL! Thank you SO much for being so clever that you even thought to look for these bottles and then for being generous enough to share and share and share! I've been looking for a way to put big amounts of fast color down at times when I'm having one of my "ugh, I don't want to have to go get the water and lay out the protective paper to keep the carpet clean and I'm tired of all of my "safe" media like gelato…" moments! You are so awesome. I was a teenager in the 80's and so many things about me are made so differently from the kids of this generation that I seem like an alien. Oh wait, my mom was a teenager in the 70's and I thought she was an alien, too… perhaps we're all weird? Loved the music and the colors and well… the hair seemed really awesome at the time, didn't it? I am not addicted to bingo and I do still have 2 daubers… I sense green and purple watercolor coming very soon! YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE AMAZING THAN YOU KNOW! Thank you!

    • Aw, Ruth! Thank you so much!!

      I used the Distress ones to cover an 8 x 8 page in color in about 20 seconds. Cover with one color, swipe with another color, blend the edges with a brush, and then BOOM I was back on Facebook wasting time. 😉

      hahahah the hair! Flock of Seagulls! I love how teenagers now imagine the clothes of the 80s, like it was all Madonna's Like a Virgin and neon. Silly silly girls. BUT I'll stop the world and melt with you. 😉

      Oooo I hope you can make those daubers work! The Manflesh is a volunteer fireman, and they run bingo every weekend..whenever I see that rack of daubers I want to steal them all and make dot mice like I used to with my g-ma's old daubers way back in the day. In the 80s.

      and it all circles back around!

  3. Cindy Blood

    Funny you should post this now. I have 2 colors of these distress paints – a green and orange. I do use them quite a bit (and did on several of the pieces I made for last week end's Collage A Thon.) But I am not sure why I chose those particular colors when I did. I don't even really remember when I bought them. Anyway, I am on my way to California to visit my mom next week and noticed one of my favorite shops down there has these on clearance right now, so have been contemplating what other colors I might choose with greater intention.

    Now you come up with this idea about gesso and matte medium. I need to get me some little dauber bottles. Brilliant idea!

    Bingo? Not going there yet, but I am pretty happy to be gradually becoming a little old lady with paint on her sleeves and fingers and I just don't care! Thanks for filling my head with ideas week after week.

    • My favorite colors are crushed olive, ripe persimmon, evergreen bough, and picked raspberry! But if you can get them on clearance, I'd recommend getting a huge pile. 😉

      You are most welcome!! Thank you for hanging out with us week after week! 😀

  4. Great info Sarah. The dauber bottles are also available at united Art and Education as well as through Oriental Trading Company and even better, Ranger makes and sells just the dauber tops that will fit on most of the craft paint bottles you find at the local craft store so you can turn pretty much any of them into dauber bottles.

    • Ohhhh I didn't even think to check Oriental Trading! I saw the dauber tips, but I didn't know how they would work, so I'm glad to know they fit! 😀

  5. Have you had any difficulties with the different things you put in the bottles 'gunking' up the dauber tops at all? Just wondering. Nifty idea and looks waaaaay easier than brushes. As for 80s music, I am a real fan of some of it. Okay, if I had been old enough I would totally have been a groupie.

    • I haven't had any problems yet – I've had the mod podge in there for about a week, and the tip is still ungunked. The top seals really well (better than the tops on the Ranger bottles) since they screw on.

  6. tracy

    I havent used those paints yet, and bingo is a scary place, but I do loves me some 80s music

  7. oddbreed

    oh dear baby Jesus, I knew I loved you for some reason, your brilliant brain! I've got to get some of those dabbers, I love the distress ones I already have BUT if I can make my own concoctions WOOHOO!

  8. So you can use glue in a dauber?! I will now refer to your blog as the brain explosion art site (for personal reference.) I actually have at least one of the distress ink daubers… just don't really know what to do with it.

    • You totally can! 😀

      If it's a distress stain dauber, they're awesome for adding a layer of transparent color to something – they're water reactive, though, even after they dry. The Distress paint isn't!

      Brain explosion art site? LOve it.

  9. Daubers. Yup. Love em. You are a smart thang to go looking for them. Can you find me some big, long nozzled bottles for drizzling ze paint?

    My favorite way to put on a lot of paint and texture simultaneously is with a 75 cent, 2 inch brush from the hardware store. I tend to work big and need to spread a lotta lotta paint and glue fast, since I live in an environment that typically boasts 10-35% humidity levels. Why am I an acrylic artist again?

    Anyway, I use those two inch brushes that are in the cardboard boxes at the bottom of the paintbrush shelves in the store.

    While I'm working, I stick them over in a big plastic bucket of water filled with just enough water to cover the bristles. They wash out really quickly and can be used until they fall apart.

    Speaking of falling apart, that reminds me of the two little things I don't like about this tool.

    First, these little brushes leave a lot of hairs behind in the first couple of uses. Of course, I just scoop the stray hairs up with the brush (you know, using the brush like a fork, and lifting the hair out of the paint). But still. Second, the ferrule of the brush (the metal part that holds the bristles to the handle) tends to fill up with water, which can be deee-sastrous when it gushes out unexpectedly, so I have to remember to turn them upside down over the bucket before using them.

    But daubers, filled up with yummy goodness. Yup. Yup. Yup. Great idea. Yup.

    Love doing this with you!

    • Well, they're not really big bottles, but I use these pretty regularly: http://www.amazon.com/Darice-Needle-Applicator-Pl

      I'm always tempted to buy the multipacks of cheapo housepainting brushes at the dollar store (I think 3 bucks for four?), but it's good to hear that you use them successfully! I never really work big – I got into doing art regularly with ATCs, so big is super super super intimidating!! Even 16 x 24 seems ridiculously huge.

      Yeah, the quick dry sucks. But the long dry and the chemicals and the paint thinner sucks even more.

      Yay, I love it too!! 😀

  10. Danielle

    LOVE the paint daubers…. they make painting so much fun, so much less messy, and so quick to cover large areas! What a fantastic idea to use similar bottles for things like Mod Podge, Gesso, etc. I am going to have to totally steal that bit of brilliance. Thanks!!

  11. Renu

    You are brilliant!! Adding all those mediums to the dauber bottles is just pure evil genius. Like an experiment that went right! Not only have I played bingo, I actually use the bingo daubers to color my art. Adds a very pretty transparent color! And as for the music, I would listen to more if the men and boys in my house wouldn’t constantly hijack all the music stations in the house and the car. Do you know, not one station in MY car is preprogrammed to my station. No wait, I lie. One station out of 15 is mine. All mine!

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