1. Lookit, lookit, lookit, Linda! It sounds like an amazing experience! I am pretty much in love with everything you made, but THOSE RINGS! Holy God! They're just phenomenal!

    Also, in the list of birds I will never befriend, that one's on the top. The tippy-top, even.

  2. Brilliant! Sounds like a wonderful, colorful, inspiring time! I SO love my art retreat time – although it's been a while for me. I LOVE what you did there – and the teachers you met. I've been a fan of many of them for a while too. Can't wait to see where you go with all these new ideas … xoxo

    • It really was awesome! I'm excited to catch up, put everything away, and finally get to work (I'm about 80% there! WWWOOOOO!!)

  3. Wow for all of the amazing stuff you made!! Woo! Everything looks great. Love the rings especially and the dolls are amazingly cool. I really want to go to an art retreat. It sounds like you had a blast. I will save my pennies.

    On another note, that bird is really ugly. What is it? A turkey vulture? Radiated duck?

    • I really did have a great time. We should go to the one in Stamford together next year! So much wine we could drink! 😉

      I thought it was a vulture when I first saw it… it didn't give me good feelings about the hotel I was going to be staying at if there was random carrion laying around, but apparently it's a Muscovy duck. They were SO UGLY. That picture doesn't even do it justice. Their tail feathers moved around like they were arms or something. So weirdly gross and interesting.

  4. I just saw this blog post…yes a good time was had indeed. One of the best bits for me was seeing all these people I had met before fall so completely in love with Sarah, which I knew would happen but didn't diminish the pleasure I had watching it one iota. Linda, Linda..listen to me….Linda….

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