Earlier this week I released the half art doll digistamp, and today I turned digistamps, vellum, and clipart into little shrines to all things holy.  Or at least all things that make me happy, and that’s close enough to holy for me!


First, print out your art doll.  I wanted my shrine to have extra arms pretty much because I like the idea of actually having extra arms. 😉  I reversed one set of arms just for variety’s sake and printed them all on a sheet of cardstock.  I picked out bits that made me happy out of Crap Hound, printed the Wonderstrange eyeball since anything is improved with the addition of a Wonderstrange eyeball, and cut them out carefully.  If you want them colored, color it up!  I did one of each.

I cut a strip of Dura-Lar 5.5 x 11″ and folded it into quarters.  I used simple scotch tape to seal the open edge.  Cut the top edge jagged or wavy if you want to be fancy, and you KNOW you want to be fancy!  Alternatively, you could roll it into a tube for a cylindrical shrine.  I made mine in varying heights so that the arms wouldn’t get in each others’ way.

Using a permanent glue stick, attach your digistamps to your Dura-Lar and attach the clipart to the hands.   I can’t even express how much I love those handfuls of eyeballs.

Using a paper piercer, embroidery needle, or sterile hypodermic, poke holes through the shoulders of your art doll and the shoulders of each arm. Insert one small brad through all the arms and then through each shoulder, adjusting the arms as needed before you flatten the brads.  Play careful attention when placing your arms if you have a particular order!  On my colored doll, the objects the hands are holding are matched pairs, so I had to be sure to place them in the same order.

Now all that is left is to find a votive holder on your candle shelf (please tell me you have a candle shelf!), light a candle, and slip this over the top, being careful to keep the whole ensemble away from the flames.  Especially the arms!  I have discovered that paper is flammable.  WEIRD!

Now flip the switch and enjoy your creation with the proper ambiance!



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