1. Eric

    I love books too and so, even though I am not crafty, I love this project! I have one question and one suggestion though. How easy or difficult would it be to attach a base to the organizer so that you could move it around without the letters and bills falling out?

    And here's my suggestion to anyone who makes this: make it with recent hardcover books. I can easily see someone thinking that this would look even cooler if it was made with some old, cheaply purchased books with raised leather bindings. Caveat emptor! Depending on when the books were bound, your cool old leather bindings might develop red rot which is the term for the (usually) rust colored dust that these bindings give off due to the high acidity of the covers. You don't want to get that red dust all over your bills!

    • Thanks for commenting, Eric! I didn't put a base on mine because I don't plan to move it around, but it would be quite simple to attach, say, the lid of a shoe box with the front "lip" removed and the sides trimmed to fit the width of the organizer. I would advise anyone who wants to do this to leave extra to make new "lips" on the sides. The lips can then be bolted to the outside covers.

      Good point about the red rot! 🙂

  2. lillipadstudio

    oh! I should do this and relieve my book shelves of that over cluttered, stuffed to the hilt look! Plus it will clean up my "pile papers here" pile and make it more intentional looking! Yay! Thanks Ann!

  3. Deborah Jennings

    I love books, too, but the ones that I have, I don't want to mess up, so . . . it is off to a thrift store to find one that is hardbacked, but not one I want to read or re-read. Awesome idea!

    • Lori, a strong glue would work alright for the connections between books; the problem comes when you put something inside the book cover to store it, as I discovered while I was making the project myself. I put a folded magazine inside one of my books to take a picture of it, and as the magazine "relaxed" (i.e. tried to return to its natural state of being flat), it pushed the covers of the book apart and then slipped free and fell on the floor. Whoops! That's when I realized that I not only needed bolts, but also nuts to establish a maximum width for each book, so that no matter what is put inside, the book covers won't move.

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