1. Red Heart Studio

    I say "Do Attach" him…….and it looks amazing as always Ann!! Your fabulous darling!!!

  2. Tea

    Omg I wanna play with Shakespeare, too… I would vote leave him free range… But I’m just weird like that & adore playing with my toys–er, I mean art! 😉

  3. shuckclod

    I too say to DON'T. He will need to be dusted and I wouldn't let anyone touch him. He is coming along great. 🙂

  4. Cecilia

    I say no to restricting his movements. Afterall…"All the world's a stage" and the dear man might wish to check out other places that might reveal themselves to be good to do his orating things. Can't deny him that freedom.

  5. I'm so far leaning toward the "free to roam" camp, though if you are indeed in danger of having your cookies stolen that might change my vote. It is quite a spectacular habitat you've made him! Super coolness.

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