Time to vote

It’s that time again, kids, time to vote for your favorite project of the month!  The winner gets the undying adoration and devotion of the internets (and a sugar skull bunny), so vote carefully!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM on 02/09/2012

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Tracy’s Pens:

pens organizer

Karen’s Birds:

birds birds

Jennie’s Ribbons:

ribbons ribbons

Karen’s Odds and Ends:

IMG_20120205_140052 art 006


Now go, go forth minions, tell your friends to look us up on their iPhones, tell your gramma to get on the AOL (imagine that dial-up modem sound right now.. Come on, you know you want to), leave a note in your mailbox, but get those votes in!



  1. nanner

    You girls are 1) organized 2) talented and 3) gonna make this vote a toughy! Great work, all y'all!

  2. artrageous

    …..sorry …but all i really wanted was 50 votes =) …if you didnt win i was going to tell them to combine your scores or forfit me for not using paper mache, lol …man, that was fun!! =)

  3. it was fun….and I want to point out (it was Tracy that brought this to my attention) that one of the birds on the box was indeed one that SHE created…so she is still a part of the win!!

    • Tracy

      It was TOTOLY fun!! Between Reading Karen's posts on Facebook votesands and watching a cheesy horror flick on scifi I was laughing all night! An awesome Thursday night in my book!!

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