1. I know what you mean about the clown car brain – you know how I always say, 'in with the peach, out with the green'? That's sort of my key to meditation… not necessarily a mantra, but totally something that helps my mind focus when the undines start synchronized swimming in the pool. I used to chant it in my head but have gotten to the point now where i can focus on the breath itself which keeps the crazy thoughts at bay.

    BUT… knowing your brain as well as I do… here's a meditation for you: close your eyes, imagine a lovely pond and plonk yourself down next to it and look at the reflections of the sun/moon/stars/whatever on the water… as soon as a bitchass evil thought comes in, don't try to force yourself to not think it, just let it come, acknowledge it, and then drown it in the pool like you are a B-movie slasher. Then sit and focus on the ripples as they calm from your murderous rage. Eventually you will be able to sit quietly with yourself without those thoughts intruding (mostly because they will be scared of finding themselves in a watery grave), but the acknowledging and drowning of those thoughts should help.

    • See now, THAT is a meditation I can get behind! If anyone else had talked about drowning bad thoughts, I would not have been laughing; I would have been taking notes. Thank you, my dear! <3

  2. Oh LORD…I'm not even a good enough meditator to picture the pond…cause then I think of swimming, then I think of bathing suits and three way mirrors and self tanner streaks and thunder thighs and…and…and….*faints*
    I imagine that was not so helpful…you could always snuggle up with one of those cute little Innigos when you are stressed?

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